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Myrin New is an Information Technology consultant who specifically writes content for and other digital outlets.

Getting My Core Stronger with TireFlip 180XL

New regiment added: Tire Flip 180 configure to 220lbs. After 1 hour cardio exercise, I move to 500 ab crunches with this new beastly routine after each 100 reps. I feel like 23 moving through my routines. The goal is lean elastic muscles, instead of caveman bulkiness. Think better, move freely and love it! Official language of TireFlip 180XL The [...]

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Computing before WWW (Wide World Web) was Available

Back in 1992, computing for techies was a lot different than it is today. First there was no wide world web (WWW) publicly available. My devices consisted of a self-constructed Intel 486 CPU with 1024 Mb RAM, 30 GB MFM hardrive, 3.5"diskette drive, 5.25" floppy drive, 9600 Motorola baud modem, and a 15" SVGA cathode ray tube display. Connecting to [...]

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Real Estate Website Development

All I remember it was a Sunday afternoon and I was editing a real estate website in Laguna Beach, CA for my client and friend, Robyn Seymour. Her website had gone through several iterations of changes, yet I kept falling behind with manual processes. It was the implementation of middleware coding for IDX (which realtors rely on) and it's [...]

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Chicago’s Tech Startup Hub

1871 is Chicago's entrepreneurial tech startup hub is for those who have already digital creative works on the design board or in beta testing. It takes a collaborative effort of people bringing talents together, enjoy the same passion and not looking for get-rich overnight schemes. I come from a culture that enjoys their innovation first. It's challenging to look in [...]

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Hundreds of Workers Protest at Chicago O’Hare Airport

As I was arriving in Chicago at O'Hare airport, a demonstration was underway. To show my support for their cause, I embraced their spirits. More about this protest As the city gets closer to signing new deals that will jeopardize over 1,500 Chicago jobs, hundreds of airport concessions workers and allies held an action at the Chicago O’Hare Terminal 1 [...]

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